Specializing in post frame design, construction and restoration

Since 2001 Bill Marko, Builder has been a successful family owned and operated carpentry/ contracting business. BMB specializes in the building, repair, and restoration of barns in the residential, commerical and agricultural markets, as well as the design, construction or repair of decks, garages, and workshops.

Barns and Building Restoration

BEFORE                                                     AFTER

Whether you’re looking for a new structure or repairing an old one, we can help.  Check the BARN page for ideas and guidance on how to choose your new structure.

If you’re renovating or repairing an existing building, there are some very important considerations.  There are a lot of New England structures that are 100+ years old.  Repairing these without destroying the integrity of the structure or your budget takes careful planning and workmanship.  Be assured that we will work with you to come up with the best plan for your building and budget.

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 Looking to build a Deck?

          NEW DESIGN                               DESIGN/RESTORATION

We have designed and built some very impressive decks over the years.  There are so many materials available today that it can be confusing for the homeowners to decide what to use.  We have experience with a variety of deck surfaces and our designs go from simple ground level decks to multi-level, elevated structures.  When decks are attached to the house, we do not use the traditional “ledger board” which is so prone to water damage.  And again, we work with you to make sure you get the deck you want, looking the way you want.




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